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Sunningdale Country Club, which was named after the internationally known British golf club of similar name, was organized in November 1913. The organizers were E. Lester Bamberger, Edgar B. Bernhard, Richard E. Conried, Edwin H. Heidelberg, Ferdinand L. Richold, DeWitt P. Rosenheim, Monroe R. Rothschild, Frank L. Slazenger, Frank Solomon, Nathan B. Stern and K. Richard Wallach.

The original officers were Isaac Gimbel, President; William B. Cardoza, Vice-President; Monroe R. Rothschild, Treasurer; and Richard Wallach, Secretary.

The Club was an immediate success and the membership roll was quickly filled. At first, the Club leased a nine hole golf course in Mount Vernon which had been occupied by the Siwanoy Country Club. The facilities included tennis courts, locker rooms and a restaurant. In 1916 it was decided to move to the present location, famous historically as having been an encampment for the French forces when they joined the American colonials in their fight against the British in 1781. At the same time the Club decided to admit an additional 100 members. The official opening of the Club in Scarsdale took place on Memorial Day of 1918. The present clubhouse was built at that time, with an additional wing several years later.

The 1960s produced major changes in the physical appearance of the club, with additions to and modernization of the locker rooms and the golf facilities, construction of a new half-way house and an equipment barn, the installation of an automatic watering system on the golf course, the construction of platform tennis courts with warming house, and the creation of an enlarged and paved driveway and parking lot. The 1960s was also the period of the great drought and, in an effort to satisfy governmental requirements, two reservoirs were constructed to ensure a continuing water supply for the golf course. These reservoirs also served as water holes, which enhanced the beauty of the golf course and added to the enjoyment and challenge of play.

In 1987, to meet the demands of a larger membership and more extended year-round use, plans were approved for a significant expansion of the clubhouse. The structure was extended to accommodate two additional dining rooms, a lounge and additional staff quarters. The kitchen and other facilities were modernized and the West Terrace was extended to conform to the larger clubhouse. While this project included extensive structural, mechanical and electrical modernization and improvements, the external design of the clubhouse extension was completely in harmony with the original structure, thus retaining the building’s unique appearance.

In the spring of 2004, the Club completed work on a major upgrade of the clubhouse, which created an enlarged kitchen, renovated living room and dining facilities, and modernized locker rooms for both men and women. In 2009, the Club completed work on a new swimming pool complex, including new pools for adults and children and a new building that provides an enhanced eating facility and improved locker facilities.

Sunningdale continues to enjoy active use by its membership and is one of the premier clubs in the Greater Metropolitan Area.